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About Us
The reason a lot of people do not recognize
 opportunity is because it usually goes around wearing
 overalls looking like hard work.

Thomas A. Edison

Welcome to Mitten State Sheep & Wool, a family sheep farm in Southern Michigan. We have spent the last 28 years raising dual purpose sheep, with a big focus being on wool. Our fiber flock graze the pastures and provide us with beautiful fleeces that we process into roving, yarn, and quality wool products. 

We have spent the last ten years learning the ins and outs of wool processing and enjoy being part of the growing wool industry in Michigan. 

I love the whole process, from raising the sheep to spinning the yarn. 

We do not offer tours/visits at this time, but if you would like to see videos and photos of the day to day on the farm and mill, you can follow us on Instagram and Facebook.


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