Wool Processing
We process all of our wool in our farm mill.
If you are interested in having some of your wool
processed into roving, feel free to contact us for a consultation.
Raw Wool (incoming weight)
8.50 a pound for med./course wool
Wash, Pick, Card
Washed Wool (incoming weight)
Pick, Card.
7.50 a pound for med/course wool
If we need to rewash the wool
there will be an additional charge of  2.00 per pound.
Blending- 2.50 a pound additional charge will be added
if the wool needs to be carded twice.
Batches of 5 pounds or less, 10.00 a pound incoming weight.
We do not accept unskirted wool. Wool that has heavy VM or manure tags will be refused. Check out our skirting page.
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