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Skirting a Fleece
Before sending wool, the wool needs to be skirted.
Skirting is the process in which heavy VM(vegetable matter) or other debris (burs, manure tags, baler twine, etc.)  is taken out of the wool. If belly, head, and leg wool was not  discarded at the time of shearing, that should be removed as well.
We cannot process fleeces that have excessive VM.
If you need help with this process, let us know. We understand that it can be intimidating working with raw wool for the first time. 
When I skirt fleece, I sort the wool-
Best (light VM)
Good (moderate VM, )
Mulch (heavy VM, burrs, manure tags)
I process the Best and Good separately.
The Mulch is just that- mulch.
If you have wool that may not be mulch but has heavy VM,
this wool is better off being processed by hand. 
Heavy VM mixed in with the best/good wool 
makes it all an inferior product.
Wool that is sent  in unskirted will have
an additional charge of 20.00 per fleece.
Wool that is moldy, has heavy VM, etc. will be rejected.


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