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Shearing is Good for Sheep

I try to share with others, our experiences with raising sheep. People seem so disconnected from farm life. I was just watching a video clip of people sharing the idea that shearing is a bad thing, and cruel to sheep. We shouldn't wear wool....just man-made stuff! 

I would love to ask them what they think happens to a sheep that isn't sheared every year? Have they ever been on a farm and watched a sheep be sheared? Have they ever even seen a sheep?

Sheep are domesticated animals (and have been for quite some time) and need the care of a shepherd/shepherdess. A responsible shepherd takes care of their sheep, and for wool breeds that means shearing them when needed, typically once a year. 

I have seen sheep that have been neglected, no thanks! On our farm, we will continue to be responsible, and shear our sheep once a year. They handle the two minute experience, with the shearer just fine. We tend to get more injuries on shearing day, than the sheep!

Wool is an amazing, renewable fiber, and I am glad to be able to raise sheep, work with their wool, and share it with others.  

Wear wool, the sheep don't mind, they grow more. :)

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