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In my opinion, one of the best things a sheep have going for them is their Wool.

Back in the day when I knew nothing of wool, if you had asked me what I thought about wool, I would have said "Meh", as I thought about my Grandpa's old scratchy wool Army blanket.

Now if you asked me about wool, I could and would tell you about all of the wonderful qualities it has!

I think most people have that same first impression as me, they think wool, they think rough and itchy.

I took a quilting class several years ago. We were to bring our materials to the class and lucky for me, I had just got back some wool batting I had processed. When I told the women I was using wool for my batting, their responses were all the same - "You do not want to use wool, that will not be comfortable".  I removed the batt from the bag and they couldn't believe how soft and comfy it was. Their next response was "Where can I get some?"

I have done several presentations on sheep and wool for young children. When I ask them about wool, they respond much in the same way. I always have a wool sample for them to touch, and they are surprised how soft it is.

I know not all wool is next to skin soft.

Some sheep produce very soft fiber and other breeds produce very course fiber.

They both have their uses.







One of my favorite project bags has a saying written on the front,

Where there's Wool there's a Way. in my opinion, you can find a purpose for all clean, healthy wool.

Just a few attributes of wool:

*Flame retardant

*Stays warm even if wet

*Bacteria and odor resistant

*Helps you stay warm when cold and cool when hot.

I know I probably sound like a wool commercial, but for someone who works with it just about every day, I think it is an amazing fiber. If you have discounted wool due to Grandpa's old Army blanket, give it another chance, you may become as excited about wool as me.

What are some of your favorite things about wool?

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